What this site is all about

This site is meant to be thought-provoking I do not care if you believe what I say whole-heartedly, partially or not at all.   My desire is to get people thinking, talking, and acting.  I have researched everything I discuss here at length, yet all of it is my interpretation I welcome you to form your own opinion and follow a new path - as long as it is based upon facts (in evidence) and guided by logic.  

Feel free to tell me you think I'm full of it too.  I welcome all opinions as long as they're supported.  I seek to inspire fresh ideas.  The old ones bore me - so leave them behind.



USE YOUR BRAINS!!  For God's sake, turn off the T.V., crack open a book, or surf the web for instructional information that does not come from a media source.   Read, identify clues, seek sources, and follow the information where it takes you - not where you are lead. 

If you are bored, go to the Library of Congress and read the legislation your elected officials ram through the system - hoping you are too lazy to read.

I am a firm believer that the media, be it conservative (FOX) or liberal (CNN), have absolutely no desire or motivation to be thorough or accurate.  Though I do believe that local newspapers (Not the syndicated ones) generally do their best to report news - all other outlets serve the same master; Wall Street.  Survival is achieved through advertising revenue and ad money is only bestowed on those that get people to watch.  Getting people to watch requires sensationalism and keeping them hooked demands a repetition strategy and consistency in message (just like teaching kindergarteners)  that hardly reflects real life.  

Nor do I think that the educational system is interested in teaching that which would cause a revolution in thought.  The institutions to which we send our children are much more interested in cloning sheep than feeding minds, and the last 2 presidents appear to be just fine with that.  Heck, we now have a president-elect who's campaign capitalized on the fact that no one actually checks facts, and, believed everything he said.  Obama has been elected Messiah and now we have to work with what we've got - just like we did with Dub-yuh and Bubba before him.

  Anyway, I am convinced that we grow less intelligent as time trudges forward, with practically all institutions of learning choosing to dispense information (sanitized and altered as it is) over imparting knowledge.  The separation between "those who know" and "those who clearly don't" grows ever-wider.  This, as I see it, has become my motivation for keeping information at this site and sharing the thoughts of those who similarly seek knowledge.

Enjoy my site, and, I welcome any constructive feedback.

Feel free to contact me with whatever you wish to share or ask -- I make my best attempt to respond to everyone who does so.  
Keep 'em coming and thanks to all of you who have taken the time to talk..