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HISTORY LESSON regarding the 2nd Amendment






Is there anyone else out there laughing about the "Sequestration cuts" as much as me?  I certainly hope so.

The Obama Administration, in concert with the democrats in Congress are putting on quite a show...  "Flights will be delayed, food will go un-inspected, National parks will be closed, education of our most susceptible youth will be adversely affected, airport delays will be measured in hours - not minutes."  Dear Lord, you would think that a meteor was about to strike...  Then we have the conservative viewpoint on the subject.  Rand Paul calls the dire warnings, "Histrionics".

histrionics: plural of his·tri·on·ic
1.Exaggerated dramatic behavior designed to attract attention.
2.Dramatic performance; theater.

Rand Paul has it right; it is in fact, pure theatre.  The president and his co-conspirators in this fraud could have just as easily said, "The IRS will be forced to reduce auditing, the National Museum system will be forced to raise admission prices, Non-relevant research will be curtailed, government auction of ceased property will have to increase and attrition-related job vacancies will not be back-filled."  According to the GAO, those items alone would be twice as much savings as is required, but, we all know why the Monarchy doesn't use any of that in his nationwide tour to whip up a frenzy...  The collected response of the nation would be, "Yup - sounds good, let's do that."  Well, actually - the response would be that, but it would be the effect of that response that keeps him from doing it:  People would actually be supporting the conservative viewpoint that reduced spending - not tax hikes - are the solutions. 

At any rate, many republicans are now willing to let sequestration occur and I support that.  The FACT is, it is still a silly drop in the bucket compared to the average $1.4 TRILLION we are still over-spending annually.  It is a spit in a lake - a whiz in a pond - a speck of dirt on a rhino's butt.  And, to listen to the puppet Jay Carney bloviate ad nauseum about how the, "...administration has already created and implemented $2.5 Trillion in savings, it is fair to ask for a revenue increase from the wealthiest in-lieu-of these disastrous and avoidable cuts to both our discretionary and defense budget."  {Insert: Needle across the record sound effect}  "What $2.5 Trillion savings is he talking about," you ask?  Yea - me too, so I looked into that.  Had that been real, you would have thought it would have been big news!  Not only would $2.5T cover the annual overspend, it would chip away at the previous overspends he's amassed ($6T) in his first four years.  Well, guess what - it's more smoke than mirrors; but you already knew that, didn't you?  That's $2.5T over 10 years or, $250B/yr.  OK - that's something, so let's not poo poo on it without due cause.  Yes, it is still 1/6th what we are currently overspending annually, but it is substantial; right?  Not so fast - as it would turn out, that number represents a reduction in debt-growth not in debt-spending.  So we are essentially agreeing to grow our debt by a smidgen less than we currently are {insert: Me vomiting sound effect here}.  How demoralizing that revelation is...  If you were actually dumb enough to have believed the Monarchy actually came up with a plan to spend less of our money.  History tells us, not the Ministry of Propaganda - HISTORY (as defined as his actions) tells us that he will not spend less money.

So - the defense spending reductions are disastrous too?  Is that right...  (I say with all due sarcasm).  What about the fact that the senate has failed to fund the DOD and that the continuing resolution (CR) for their current spending is running out (Mar. 27) and they are fearful that the CR will simply be adopted and extended for a year - capping their 2013-2014 spending at 2011-2012 levels?  The current sequestration cuts coming for the Pentagon are $40B Mar. 1 and $6.B Mar. 27 - for a total of 9% in reduction to a budget that has DOUBLED since 2001.  According to my sources and the Pentagon insiders - it isn't sequestration, per se, that has the DOD up-in-arms.  It's the fact that the Afghan War is way over budget and the pending CR, capping at 2012 rates is leaving them short in 2013 and the threat that it will be extended into 2014.  That's the bugaboo, but the media and Leon Panetta aren't advertising that.  I have, to date, seen that information alluded to only once.

The war in Iraq is complete, the war in Afghanistan is winding down - why would military spending need to continually increase?  How does that make any sense?  Because the wars were never really budgeted for, nor were they actually paid for out of the operating budget - we deficit-spent on both of them.  Shame on us.  Right now, the people making money on the Pentagon operating budget's tab are the ones crying:  defense contractors.  Tough noogies fellas; wallet is empty for a time - we blew it all on strippers and booze, now we have to suffer till payday.  It looks like it's time to go shake down third world nations and wannabe posers to the throne for business like you did during the 80's.  Sell some crap in the UAE, Saudi, Egypt and figure out how to arm the North Koreans and Iranians - they could sure use our help to defeat us. 

"Histrionics" is exactly the correct word for this whole affair, Rand Paul is right on the money.

Here are some videos that I think most of my guests will find both educational and entertaining.  Be sure to vote (like or dislike).


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Bill Whittle and I take the facts seriously.  Moreover, we both think it's necessary to get the facts out in font of the people.  Andrew Klavan does the same, but he does it with humor.  I love this guy!





"Whether you're an honest man, or whether you're a thief, depends on whose solicitor has given me my brief."
Benjamin Franklin




Feb 21, 2012 - Nancy Pelosi is at it again, leaving most people (including me) to wonder aloud, "Just how much weed does Nancy smoke before she speaks in front of a public audience?"

While speaking at an event at Texas A&M University on Monday, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) claimed the Catholic Church does not enforce its teaching on contraception and  now wants the federal government to enforce that teaching for it. 

“Ninety-eight percent of women in childbearing age that are Catholic use contraception. So, in practice the church has not enforced this and now they want the federal government and private insurance to enforce it. It just isn’t consistent to me,” according to Pelosi. 

So, in Nan's opinion, that means the Church wants her to do what they can't...  I hear the rumble of bong water...




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I Got 5 years to fix...   

Feb 23, 2012 - The president today announced, in an interview with Univision Radio, that he will be re-elected and feels comfortable with predicting that he has 5 years to get immigration reform done. 

"My presidency is not over," Obama replied when asked about his complete failure to come up with any form of immigration reform whatsoever. "I've got another five years coming up. We're going to get this done."

In his taped interview, he goes on to say, "So far,  we haven't seen any of the Republican candidates even support immigration reform."   But what he failed to say just prior to that is: "I'm about to lie to you, because you are Hispanic, I am trying to appeal to Hispanics, you represent them and I'm on my way to Florida tomorrow to troll for Hispanic votes." 

He knows all too well that all Republican contenders support immigration reform...  But he continues, "[the Republican controlled Congress is] unwilling to talk at all about any sensible solutions to this issue."

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Some new Reader Feedback



I found my way here to your site searching info concerning creation myths and stayed for awhile reading the myriad of other topics.  I consider myself a moderate politically and admittedly I am very busy  do not take the time to keep up with news, I found plenty of food for thought today.

I wanted to comment on a section of a letter from Wanting Less from those Wanting More dated 1/11/12 specifically and a posting of yours generally Merl from 12/23/11 "The US DOJ and South Carolina aren't makin love."

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